Ears Are Finally Pierced

Tonight Kylie told Mommy and Aunt Sissy at the dinner table that she would like to have her ears pierced. They said “Oh really? Are you sure?” To which Kylie said, “Yes! Can we do it now?” Mommy was pretty excited since Kylie usually says she wants them done, but when they press to make certain, Kylie says she wants it done some time later. So considering that Kylie seemed to be pretty certain this time, they all got in the car and drove over to the mall. Kylie was chatting the whole time and making up songs, Mommy thinks Kylie might have been a little nervous. Mommy told Kylie that it feels like a shot and that they would put one “shot” in each ear, and after they do it it will stop hurting; Kylie said “ok” and shortly there after they arrived at the mall. Once they got to the mall, they checked in at two different stores and they only had one person working (Mommy was hoping for two so they could do both ears at the same time). Once Mommy decided on Claire’s they tried to get Kylie’s ears pierced, but they wouldn’t let they get them done since Mommy didn’t bring her purse and had no proof of ID saying she was Kylie’s Mom. Kylie was still really wanting to get her ears pierced so they walked over to Piercing Pagoda to try and get them pierced there. In order to make sure they didn’t run in to the same problem they had at Claire’s so they had to tell Kylie to pretend that Mommy was Aunt Sissy and Aunt Sissy was Mommy. They told Kylie that if she really wanted to have her ears pierced, they had to do that since Mommy didn’t have her purse. Once at Piercing Pagoda, they signed some papers, picked out a pair of 3mm 14k studs for Kylie and then got prepared to have her ears pierced. Kylie was still nervous so “Aunt Sissy” held her hand in the chair while “Mom” looked on. The lady cleaned both ears, marked them, then asked Kylie which ear she wanted to start with, and Kylie choose her right ear. When the lady did the first one, Kylie had this look on her face that said “I didn’t like that.”  She started tearing up and said she didn’t want the other ear done, she just wanted one. Luckily the lady was a pro and didn’t give Kylie even a minute before she said “No, sorry sweetie, we’re doing this one too,” and did the second one. Once it was done, Kylie was crying a bit more and Mommy picked her up right away to hug and squeeze her and tell her how brave she was and how proud Mommy was. The lady working there gave her 2 suckers and a sticker. By the time we made it back to the car, Kylie said her ears didn’t hurt anymore and she was so happy to have earrings and she was talking about all the new earrings she wanted to get.

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