Halloween Events

Today was a day full of special happenings at Kylie’s school, and she had a ton of fun participating in all of the activities with her friends. It started off with all the kids being allowed to wear their Halloween costumes to school for the day, so Kylie was very excited to be able to wear the witch costume that Mimi had made for her. Then when she got to school she was able to take part in the Halloween parade! Mommy was able to go and see Kylie and all of her classmates and friends wearing their costumes and watch as the school put on the parade. Then tonight was Kylie’s School’s Halloween Party and apparently everyone at school was talking about it all week, so Kylie was really excited about it and looking forward to going, so that was what we (Kylie, Daddy and Melissa) did. Now, before I mention how cool it was that the school puts this on every year, and all the neat stuff they have for the kids, let me just say this place was packed! There must have been around 700 people here; parents, kids, teachers it was crazy. They had trick-or-treat bag decorating, dancing, food, a haunted hayride, pumpkin decorating, and pictures. There was even an entire hallway decorated with the lights dimmed and stations set up for the kids to trick-or-treat at with teachers in costume giving out candy. We didn’t get to do everything, but Kylie had a lot of fun dancing and trick-or-treating, also after waiting in a long line we got to go on the hayride, which was a whole lot of fun. All the pictures from the day can be found in the October gallery under today’s date.

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