Lots Going On Today

Today was a fun and busy day for us. Seeing as I mainly only see Kylie on the weekends now due to her being in school and us living almost an hour apart, I generally try to make good use of the time we have. Each weekend I try to make sure we do some fun things and have a really good time together, today was no different. Today we started off the morning kind of casual, a little breakfast and some TV, then I announced that we were going to Jungle Java for lunch! Kylie loved the idea and was really excited to go again, Melissa was also really intrigued and looking forward to it as she had never been there before. The lunch was really good, and I hadn’t realized this the last time I was there because we didn’t eat anything there, but it was all pretty nutritious. Kylie had a hot dog (probably the lest nutritious thing on the menu) and Melissa and I both had wraps. Kylie couldn’t wait to run around and play with all the other kids that were there, but we had to eat lunch first, once she was done though she was gone! She had a blast running around and playing, and then it got even better because Melissa decided to go run through with her! Watching the two of them crawling through the tunnels, climbing the ladders and going down the slides really put a smile on my face. After about three hours running around and playing we decided it was time to head home, but the fun for the day didn’t end there. When we got home Melissa pulled out a surprise for Kylie and asked her if she wanted to help make some cookies. Granted they weren’t from scratch like Kylie is used to making, but it was still very fun and the cookies were yummy!

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