A Day At The Library

Today we decided to have a quite day, which means no use of the TV or anything that requires it. We have had days like this countless other times during which we play games, color, read, or go someplace. Today Kylie asked if we could go to the library, so that is what we did. We went over a browsed through the books and after finding a few Halloween books that interested her Kylie asked me to sit and read them to her, so we did that for a while. Then she asked if she could play in the children’s area with a few other kids, and of course I let her. While she played for a while I sat in a rather comfortable arm chair and read my book. After what seemed like a few moments I looked up to see a man walking in with a beautiful white dog that I knew Kylie knew from pre-school, so I went to get her. When she saw the dog she looked at me with a big grin and said “That’s Storm!” Storm is an assistance dog that has come to her pre-school on multiple occasions; and apparently he was at the library to meet with more people today. Kylie then went back to playing with some new friends she had made while Daddy read his book. It was a really fun and relaxing day and the time just flew by. By the time we left we had been there for slightly over 3 hours! I love my weekends with my daughter.

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