There Goes The Back

Well, today was the day that was supposed to be equal parts fun and work for me, but it turned in to almost all pain. It started out well and as planned, I started going threw the stuff i still have at Mom’s to decide what I was bringing home and what I was getting rid of, turned out there was more than I thought there was. I thought everything went fine, even got rid of some things that I realized I didn’t need, then I jumped in the shower to clean up for the family picnic and when I reached to adjust the shower head my back went out. Apparently I moved something wrong and that last reach for the shower head was all it took. How awesome is that? Second day of my vacation and now I’m in a lot of pain. Oh well. Pushed threw to the family picnic, it went really well and it was great to see everyone again. After the picnic we took Kylie and Tyler to the playground, watching them run around and play was great!

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