Start Your Engines

Our NY trip began a day earlier than planned as we decided to leave tonight as opposed to waiting until tomorrow morning. We are already packed and ready so leaving tonight and getting a hotel and an early start tomorrow means getting there earlier and spending more time with the family. Seeing as this is going to be a very short trip anyway, the more time we get to see everyone the better. The plain was to get a hotel out near Buffalo, making half of the trip today and the rest tomorrow. Kylie is very excited about spending the night in a hotel and can’t wait to get there. We ended up staying at a Rodeway Inn just east of Buffalo getting there at about 11:30pm (6.5 hours into the trip) and it wasn’t bad for the price ($80) but I have definitely stayed in better, then again I have also seen much worse! Tomorrow I hope to be back on the road by 7am.

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