Emergentcare Follow Up

Today we had our follow up with Kylie’s normal doctor to check on the status of her strep and to find out if they think it might be time to potentially have a tonsillectomy. After they reviewed what the urgent care doctors had seen and done (the urgent care had faxed over their records to Kylie’s primary care’s office) they decided to run a check to see where Kylie’s strep was at. This time the test came back negative, Kylie has been on antibiotics for two days now they think that this might be the reason; she is still to finish the rest of the dose just to be sure. We asked if they thought it might be time for her to have a tonsillectomy and after they reviewed her history they said it is not time yet, however, if Kylie gets another case of strep before November it would then be a serious possibility that we may need to see a specialist and have them removed. At this point we are just keeping our fingers crossed that she doesn’t get strep again before then, but with her starting kindergarten in September (WOW! that came a lot faster than we anticipated!) there is a high probability that she will come down with strep again. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

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