Visiting Daddy’s Office

Today was an oddly special day, well odd as to why it was special. Today Kylie got to come see Daddy’s “office” for the very first time. I was doing some work from home today and suddenly was not able to connect to my work computer any longer, so we took a ride in to the office; Kylie, Melissa and I. After signing in and going up the elevator we got out on the 5th floor and proceeded to head to my cubicle. When we got there Kylie was amazed at how many pictures of her I had all around my desk. She kept saying “That’s me in that picture. Oh, that’s me too” and then she noticed that hanging on the walls of my cube where various pieces of art she had made me over the last few years. She was really happy when she noticed that right next to my monitor was a ceramic shooting star that she had painted fro me for Christmas. She said “Aww, Daddy I painted this for you” and I said “I know you did and that’s why it is here. Whenever I miss you during the day I can stop working and look at all these pictures of you, and at all the things you have made me, and I feel better because you are with me.” Kylie smiled and replied “I am always with you in your heart.” I gave her a real big hug after that and told her she was absolutely right. Then she had lots of fun standing on my desk and writing all over my whiteboard as I worked to fix the issues I was having. Her and Melissa played for a while and generally had a good time while we were stuck in the office. Luckily it only took me about an hour to resolve the issue and then we were able to go back home. A few pictures of Kylie writing on my whiteboard can be found here in the gallery.

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