Murphy’s Law

Well, as Murphy would have it, it’s not the power supply that died on the web server which leads me to believe it is something on the motherboard. Luckily I will be able to return the one that i bought and get some of the money back, less a re-stocking fee and shipping of course. I have taken down my file server so that I can use it’s hardware to bring the web server back on line. I think this little fiasco has a small silver lining. Instead of replacing the motherboard I am going to replace the file server with a NAS solution, specifically the Western Digital My Book World Edition II, which has 2TB of storage capacity. I’ll configure it with RAID1 which will mirror the drives and give me 1TB of storage (with a second copy) which is still almost 10x greater than what my current file server has. The old file server will continue to act as the web server until further opportunity presents itself to move it to better hardware.

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