Logitech Harmony 880

Today I won an eBay auction for a new remote for my TV, and every other remote using device in my entertainment center! For a while now I have been rather unhappy with the fact that I have six different remotes for the items in my entertainment center, but I had been dealing with it. However, the other day, a glass of soda got spilled on the remote for my stereo and it is now no longer functional. The device that I bought today should fix that issue and replace all the other remotes in my “collection”, including my Tivo remote. The remote is a Logitech Harmony 880 (no longer on their site, but here is the 900) and I have heard really good things about it, if it performs even half as well as I hope then I am sure I am going to be very happy with this remote. In addition to being able to control up to 15 devices, the devices that it can support are continnually expanding through its online database. You configure the remote by connecting it to the computer via a USB cable and logging in to a Logitech account. My buddy Will at work showed me his account (he has two different Logitech remotes and loves them) and it looks really cool. The image to the right is a stock image I found of the remote and its charging cradle. Can’t wait until this arrives so I can configure it and try it out!

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