Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Thankfully Melissa and I are feeling much better today, still don’t think I am at 100% but I am doing a lot better than I was the other day. Kylie had a good morning with Mommy and showed me all the nice things she got, like her new Barbie house and her many new books. When we came back to Daddy’s house she got to open even more presents! She was real happy with her new Leapster 2 and all the new Littlest Pet Shop toys she got. She got lots of new clothes at both Mommy and Daddy’s house as well, and I know she is happy with her new wardrobe. She even got a new Disney Princess Scooter Disney Princess Scooterlike the one in the picture, but Daddy will need to put that together first. She was real happy when she opened that one up because as she said “I always wanted a scooter!”

I am very happy to say that dinner turned out really good! The ham was very flavorful and tender, and the sweet potatoes were baked and mashed to perfection. Melissa’s pumpkin pie turned out excellent and was the perfect dessert to finish off a very good dinner.

After dinner Kylie wanted to play with here new Littlest Pet Shop Cozy Care Adoption Center, and let me say, getting all the pieces out of the box was a lot more difficult than it should have been! In addition she got a number of new Littlest Pets to go along with what she already had, Daddy didn’t realize how many that was. It was fun watching her play and enjoy her new toys!

I think this turned out to be a great Christmas Day! Now though it is time for bed, we’ll leave the cleaning and de-decorating for another day!

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