Just found some more

Pictures that needed to be added into Kylie’s gallery. These can be found in the August 2009 album (08-15-2009 and 08-29-2009) and the October 2009 album (10-12-2009). The ones from the August 29th are the first few of many to come from the day of the Renaissance Festival, these first few happen to be of us having break fast at IHOP before going to the festival. I have no idea when I am going to get to those pictures as the ones I took are still on my camera and I have not even looked at the ones from Melissa’s camera yet (though she has at least gotten hers off her camera). In any event this has been a very productive week in terms of things getting done on the site. Guess I hit some type of web work flourish, it’s been kind of nice…

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