New weight

Just got back from my first weigh in since July 1st, having missed the last two weeks coupled with not having any healthy food to eat in the house due to lack of money I wasn’t really expecting this to be a good session. Knowing that I hadn’t been following the plan like I should be, however, I had been trying to increase the amount of walking that I have been doing and trying to eat small portions of what ever I had been eating. Apparently something worked becasue even though I did not lose any weight I only gained a single pound, which is a win in my book. Even with this small gain I have still managed to loss a total of 10.6 pounds. Next week is my last weigh in and, even though the program is working, I will not be signing up for another session due to lack of money. I am going to try to continue following the program on my own though, and try to make the changes I have made over the last few weeks a permenant change in my life.

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