Growing up, and indeed to this very day, one of my favorite movies of all time is The Princess Bride. Sometime in the last few weeks I introduced Kylie to this movie, and lately, after coming home from school, she has been asking to watch it. This in itself has made Daddy very happy, and I have been more than willing to comply and put it in the DVD player. In fact, it is playing, and she is sitting watching it, as I type this. So what’s the big deal then? Why has Kylie sitting watching a movie prompted me to write a post? Because she is quoting it as she is watching it! While this is no where near the first movie she has done this with, it is the first time she has done it with one of Daddy’s favorite movies! Needless to say Daddy is very happy and proud of her for this. I love being able to share the things that I enjoy with my daughter! I hope we get to share many things as she grows and have many happy memories!

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