Oh how the time flies

Today, being my first day back home in almost a week, was also the first time I got to see Kylie. I had gotten her a few new shirts from my trips and had also brought her home a few gifts from Nana. Kylie liked them very much and wanted to call Nana so she could thank here. When she first called Nana she wasn’t home, so Kylie left a message on Nana’s answering machine. Luckily enough Nan got home in time to call Kylie back before she went to bed and Kylie was more than happy to talk with Nana and thank her for her new outfit and her new nightlight that Nana made (this one in the form of a Wishing Well with an on/off switch, as the Lighthouse one she previously made and Kylie had been using at Daddy’s house, did not have a switch) During the conversation Kylie said “Nana, you’re my best Nana ever.” This made Nana so happy that it brought tears to her eyes. When Kylie was all done talking with Nan she thanked her again for the new outfit and night light, told Nana “I love you whole bunches forever” and said good-bye.  It was at this time that we were all a little shocked to realize that Kylie had just had a 25 minute phone conversation with her Nana!

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