Kylie’s First Date

A while ago Uncle Jason realized he had not seen Kylie for some time, so he asked if she would like to go on a date with him sometime, she of course said yes. Well today was the day they finally got to go out and spend some time together. Uncle Jason came by, wearing his best suit and holding a dozen Red Roses for Kylie, to pick her up for their date. Kylie was very excited to see him and ran to open the door for him when he pulled up. They went to Red Lobster, which Kylie called the Red Crab where they had a lovely dinner! Kylie had popcorn shrimp and fries, which she ate all of, and then her and Uncle Jason shared a yummy dessert consisting of a chocolate cookie and ice cream. Kylie even ate more of it than Uncle Jason did! After dinner they went back home where Uncle Jason stayed and played with Kylie and her dolls for a while. After a time Uncle Jason had to leave, on account of it was almost Kylie’s bed time. He gave her a kiss and said “Thanks for going on a date with me.” to which Kylie replied “You’re welcome. Uncle Jason, when are we going again?” Mommy and Aunt Sissy said it was the most adorable thing ever, and it even made Mommy cry a little.

Kylie and Uncle Jason

More pictures from Kylie and Uncle Jason’s date can be found by clicking on the above image, or by clicking here.

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  • Kylie you looked so lovely. I am happy that you and Uncle Jason were able to go out together. You must have had a very good time with him because you look so happy.
    I love and miss you.

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