A Wagon Received

Today I was able to acquire, thanks to the Ann Arbor eCycle list, a Step 2 wagon. I was hoping to get a wagon like this so I would be able to bring Kylie to the park now that the weather will be getting nicer. We have a pretty nice park a little under a mile away, and Kylie really enjoys going there, but she doesn’t like to walk that far with me for some reason.

step 2 wagon

So about a week ago I began searching for a wagon that I could use to pull her to the park. It is my hope that this will server three purposes: 1) It will get Daddy a little exercise by walking to the park and pulling Kylie, 2) It will allow us to go to the park without using gas in Daddy’s truck, and 3) It will help build nice memories for both Daddy and Kylie. The wagon is a sightly older version of this one, but very similar in appearance to the image to the right. The main difference is that the one I have does not have the drink holders like the one in the picture, otherwise it is pretty much identical. It does have a little bit of weight to it, and the large wheels are sure to help it go over uneven terrain.

I am really looking forward to Kylie’s reaction when she sees this surprise, and I am hoping that she enjoys riding in it when the opportunity arises.

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