Collections Update

I finally got around to doing a little bit of site maintenance and updates. I have finally updated the collection pages to reflect some new books and movies I have aquired recently. In addition I have also added in my Wii games, even though I only have three at the moment. This may or may not change over time, especially as I have a habit of trading games in as I either beat them or just get tired of them. I also borrow games from friends in an attempt to save some money. I have already borrowed Resident Evil 4 from Torrey and beaten that, plus I have traded in House of the Dead 2 & 3 (two games, one disk) as I have beaten it. As such those games are not in the list, only the three games I currently have, not including the Wii Sports game that comes with the Wii console. I have a few other updates in mind for the site as well, I guess we shall see if I ever get around to implementing them.

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