Another DR test done

I just got back from Philadelphia from another DR test for work. Spent three days out there this time and due to some changes made in our process I ended up having a bit of free time so Torrey, Chuck, and myself all walked down to the historic district and toured Independance Hall and saw the Liberty Bell as they had never been there before. We also stopped off and had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, someplace I had never been. Having a little “free” time to walk around Philly was nice, but afterwards it was back to work and dealing with all of the problems that arose. In the end it was a long three days and we got a lot accomplished and learned that our new NIM server set up works (when we don”t have network issues at the hosted site anyway) and that I configured our hardware encryption devices correctly.  Not that I doubted that, after all I was out there in June testing just that. Now I just have to wait a few weeks before I go back for the next test.

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