An Evening Ride

I was able to get a short ride in tonight. It was rather nice riding at just about 70 degrees, although I do need to stop riding west while the sun is going down, as it can get difficult to see. I have decided that I rather enjoy using Map My Run to create these little maps of my motorcycle rides. Not only does it help me keep track of where I have ridden, but it also helps me keep track of miles that I have ridden. I have been thinking lately about getting a GPS system for the motorcycle for multiple reasons. One is that it would allow me to go on longer rides through more scenic back roads without having to worry about getting lost, and two, and this one is more recent, it will allow me to upload the GPS information to the site and create even more accurate maps. I really do enjoy seeing where I went. Perhaps I will start looking into the GPS and try to save for one for next season.

Title: Motorcycle Ride
Description: 08/31/2008

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