Slides and Motorcycle Rides

Today Kylie, Daddy and Melissa went over and played at the park. Kylie had lots of fun climbing on all the equipment and has finally decided to start going down slides again. A while back she had a bad experience when a slide ended up being to hot, and it gave her a little burn on the backs of her legs. Since then she has been very hesitant about going down slides, and honestly it was a little disheartening for me to see her be so weary of slides. Today, however, she had no problems going down one of the slides, and after she went down it the first time that was all she wanted to do. So she would slide down and then run around to the stairs and climb back up to go down again. Then we went and played on the swings for quit a while as well.

When we came home I parked next to my motorcycle and when Kylie got out of the truck she asked about it, and if she could touch it. I answered her questions and told her that of course she could touch it. Afterwords I asked her if she would like to sit on it with Daddy, and she said yes. So I sat on the motorcycle and picked her up and put her in front of me. She had lots of fun sitting there and looking at all of the forward controls. Then I picked up the kick stand and rolled the motorcycle back and forth with her on it. She really enjoyed the little ride, but wasn’t to fond of when I would slightly lean the bike to simulate a turn. She would say “No Dad, don’t do that,” and make me bring the motorcycle back to full upright. Melissa was nice enough to use her phone to take a couple of pictures of Kylie and I on the motorcycle together, too. Kylie really seemed to enjoy being on the motorcycle, and that gives me a lot of hope that when she gets older she will enjoy riding with me. Maybe when she gets older she will want to learn how to ride all by herself!

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