Portrait Day

Today we went to Sears Portrait Studio to have Kylie’s third year birthday pictures and the family portrait taken. In addition to this being a yearly tradition it is also one of two times that we go to the studio each year to have pictures of Kylie taken, the other time being Christmas. This was the first time that I was not happy with the way the sitting went. It started off bad when the photographer attempted to introduce himself to Kylie by basically running up to her and jumping down into her face. What adult charges at a strange three year old child? That was the beginning of the end for this photo shoot. The photographer had no artistic opinion or pose ideas and Tiffany and I found our selves trying to suggest poses that were done in the past. In addition he seemed to have no idea of what color backdrops to use in conjunction with the outfits that Kylie was wearing. On top of this he even spoke negatively of his own company saying that other locations, in particular the Allen Park store, was “a dump that” he “would never work at.” We were so displeased with this particular photographer’s work, ethics, and ability that for the first ime we had to bring it up with his supervisor. The supervisor look at the pictures already taken and took the time to re-shoot the sitting and get us some good shots and poses, in addition he was able to get on Kylie’s good side and get her to smile. We are hoping the Christmas sitting goes better as we are planning on giving Sears another chance and not letting this one bad experience turn us to another studio.

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