Suppository Works

Tiffany was able to get a child suppository today, and though she was not looking forward to having to use it, it did work. After Tiffany brought it home, she sat down with Kylie and showed it to her, she then explained what it was, where it went, how Mommy was going to use it, and what it would do. She explained to Kylie that because she had not gone potty for a long time, that she now needed some help, and that this medicine would provide that help. All things considered she took the supposatory very well and only complained after it had been in for a few minutes. Thankfully that is all it took and shortly there after Kylie had her first bowel movement in four days. Afterwards Kylie said her tummy felt better and she seemed much more happy. We are going to put her back in diapers for a few days just in case she has any accidents and to allow her to “relax” a little. We are all happy that she is feeling better now and hope not to have ever use this medication ever again.

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