On The Road Again

The weather has finally started to break and the last few days have been really nice. I have really been itching to get my motorcycle out and start riding again, so that’s what I did today. I went over to Al’s this morning and got the motorcycle all situated. At the end of last season we had moved the handlebars so today we had to compensate and adjust all my forward controls. In addition we also adjusted the alignment on my headlight, as I felt it was aiming to low, I will need to check this out by heading out one evening for a ride and seeing if the alignment is any better. Today’s ride, however, was pretty short as I needed to take the bike into the shop. After I put the bike away at the end of last season I received a recall on the ECM module. Basically it could cause the bike to stall out during deceleration, potentially causing an accident. I also received a recall for the fuel line leading to the fuel injector, a small fastener could be defective. In addition to the two recalls, while driving to the shop I realized my speedometer isn’t working either. *sigh* So now the bike is at the show and will have to have, at the very least, the ECM module replaced, the fuel line inspected, and possibly the speedometer replaced. I guess it will be at least a week before I get to ride again. Oh well, it was still great to be back riding again! The rest of the season should be a blast.

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