Well, I have come to the conclusion that I will not be able to keep my Bally’s membership after this month is over. As much as I want to and as much as I think it is beneficial on multiple levels, i just don’t think I can afford it right now. With the holidays coming up and everything, I just don’t seem to have the money. Even with the discount I get for working at Thomson it would be over $40 per month. Ideally it would be better to pay for a 3 year membership out right, as it would be cheaper in the long run, however that would run somewhere in the area of $1000 but that is better than paying monthly for the same time frame of 3 years which would be roughly $1500 with my corporate discount. Neither of these numbers include any personal trainer sessions which I think would be greatly beneficial to my workout. Perhaps after the holidays I can squeeze this into my budget, I will have to wait and see.

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