Potty Training, Sort of

Kylie has been expressing a lot more interest in using the toilet lately, and by that I mean she actually asks to use the potty. At which point we will place her on the toilet on her little seat and she will sit there for a while before stating she is done. In addition she is becoming more aware of herself and the going to the bathroom process. It is no unusual for her to go off to a secluded corner with a toy or book for a while and then miraculously need to be changed. As such, Tiffany wanted to see what would happen if Kylie were to wear normal underwear. So today we picked up some Dora the Explorer underwear for her and when they got home Tiffany asked Kylie if she wanted to try wearing a pair of them instead of a diaper. Kylie agreed and the experiment began, and in Tiffany’s words here is the result:

After dinner, she wanted to use the potty, so I sat her there and asked if she wanted to try on her underwear. She put them on with my help and at first said “nylons.” I explained that they are called underwear. She said, “oh, underwear.” So I decided to let her wear them for a little while to see what she would do if she had an accident. Well, we were in the living room and she wanted to watch Cinderella. Well, Mimi put on Sleeping Beauty since it was in the VCR. So, Kylie was standing on the floor next to Mimi who was sitting on the couch. She was there for a few minutes and then came over to me and wanted up. As I was picking her up I felt that her leg was wet. Since she had her milk in her hand, I thought it may be condensation. It wasn’t. She had an accident and didn’t say a word or even act like it bothered her. So, we went into the bathroom and cleaned up and put on a pull-up. So, we were looking around the floor to see where she leaked at and she just so happened to pee into Mimi’s slipper. That is the only place it landed. It was pretty funny.

So I guess Kylie is not quite ready yet to go without a diaper, so we will just have to continue on and let her go at her own pace. It is good that she is showing interested in the toilet however, and we have informed her day care of this and they have noted it and let Kylie sit on the toilet there as well.

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