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At Hayes’ viewing tonight I found out a little more information, in all honesty probably all the information i will ever get, about my friends early passing. It turns out that for the past few weeks Hayes had been complaining about sporadic numbness in his arms and legs, and had been scheduled to go see a specialist in a few weeks to have a complete checkup performed. He obviously never made it, and I wonder if he had would things have been different? Hayes’ autopsy revealed that he had an enlarged heart, and that it is most likely that he did suffer a heart attack while at home. Those of us who knew him always knew that Hayes had a large heart, for he was one of the most kindest and gentlest people I have ever known. He was always there for his friends, whom he regarded as family and felt were very important to life. When he found out that two of his friends, or one of his friends and their friend were arguing, Hayes’ advice was often something along the lines of “What ever the problem is, just fix, that’s your friend your arguing with.” Hayes was a great friend, indeed a great man, and he will be missed. Until we meet again my friend…


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