Flu Time

Kylie got sick today, in Tiffany’s truck. They were on the way to Tiffany’s Dad’s house when Kylie got sick. I was at work but luckily was able to come home so they could stop at my place and clean up Kylie, Kylie’s car seat, and Tiffany’s truck, and Tiffany was also able to take my car seat. We knew Kylie was not feeling well as she got sick in her crib during the night, but Tiffany had thought that it was something she had ate the previous night. Even this occurrence in her truck Tiffany thought might have been due to something not agreeing with Kylie that she ate. However, Kylie got sick again tonight at Dan’s house and there is just no denying it, Kylie has the flu. We suspect that Kylie picked this up at day care as we don’t know of where else she might have had exposure, I guess now we just have to wait it out. I wish there was something we could give her to help her, but she is still to young for the normal medicine. It is odd though, if you did not know she was sick you wouldn’t really suspect it as she is still her happy self.

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