Check Ups and Good Byes

Kylie had her two year doctor’s appointment today, and we were happy to hear the doctor say she is doing excellent! He is very pleased with her verbal development and says she is above average in her ability to pick out basic colors and name them correctly. She now weighs 29 lbs and is 34 inches (2 feet 10 inches) tall. She did receive her first MMR vaccine today and the doctor told us that she may have a fever and soreness in about a week. She took the shot really well with only a little crying, but everything was fine once she got a sticker.

After Kylie’s doctors appointment we went back to the hotel for dinner and then some swimming. Kylie really got a kick out of watching me and Uncle Sonny jump into the water, I don’t know if it was the big splash we made or just that we were jumping in, but we repeated it a number of times for her. After swimming everyone decided that instead of staying another night they would just leave tonight and try to beat the majority of the traffic. So after everyone got out of there swim clothes and got all their items packed up, we said our good byes and ended our nice little family reunion.

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