Spring Maintenance

I did a little work on the system tonight. Mainly back end maintenance including an upgrade to the new word press release. The upgrade has broken some things and when I have more time I will devote a few minutes to fixing them if I can. However nothing major that will effect the sites operation is down, so I am not to concerned about it. In addition to the upgrade I also deleted a few unused and unneeded things. I finally got around to moving the blog itself from /blog to /. This just means that the site is now accessible from eking.afraid.org or eking.afraid.org/blog. Going to either one of these addresses will now show the blog, as opposed to how the old eking.afraid.org showed a different index site. The old theme that I had been using does not appear to be supporting the new word press version, so I had to pull it out. Hopefully that will get updated and I can re-use it

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