A Special Phone Call

Kylie made a very special phone call today, to her Daddy. Seeing as I am over 600 miles away from her, Kylie and I talk on the phone almost everyday. Either I call her or Tiffany calls me and hands Kylie the phone, at which point Kylie walks around the house holding the phone and talking with me. Well today she called me…all by herself. Tiffany had left her phone out and gone into another room to put some things away and when she returned a few minutes later Kylie was talking to me on the phone. Kylie had figured out how to call me all on her own! Tiffany said that she heard Kylie talking in the other room and didn’t think anything of it, until she came into the room and saw her holding the phone, and then heard my voice. Not only had she managed to call me on her own, but she also managed to put the phone on speaker! She is obviously going to become one of those girls who is always on the phone. But thats ok, she can talk with her Daddy whenever she wants. 🙂

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