Three weeks

Its hard to believe that I have been out here for three weeks already. Some days the time seems to go by fast depending on what I have going on at work, and then of course others seem to drag on. But every day I have spent out here so far has had the same highlight, the same moment that is the best part of my day; that moment is when I hear my daughter’s voice. Everyday when I get home from work I call Tiffany to see how her and Kylie’s day went, and Tiffany always puts her phone on speaker so I can talk with Kylie. Sometimes she lets Kylie walk around with the phone and she just chats away with me. On the days I don’t get to talk to Kylie I listen to a voice mail that she left me and that helps me make it through until the next time I get to talk to her. I am glad the days seem to be going by faster than I had realized, hopefully the next two weeks go by just as fast, as my first trip back home is scheduled for the weekend of the 21st.

Work is going well, and regardless of being so far from Kylie I think it was a smart decision to come out here. I am meeting more people from within the company and getting more exposure to different things that I would otherwise not see. I do not think a day has gone by that I have not learned something new; how to set up structured cabling runs, assembling wright line racks, installing and mounting many different types of servers, and all kinds of network equipment. Hopefully I will continue to learn and continue to enjoy my time here.

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