Last night (Tuesday) I noticed Kylie doing something a little differently than normal, she was walking backwards. Not for long distances or anything, mainly she would be looking at something, like the TV, and walking backwards towards the couch, the whole time giggling. Then when she would bump into the couch she would laugh and usually stretch back over it. I mentioned this to Tiffany and that is when she told me that this was something that Kylie started doing yesterday (Tuesday), and that Kylie seems to think it is very amusing. So I started to play with her while she was doing it. I would stretch my leg out so that she would bump into my leg before she reached the couch, and she would reach behind her without turning around and feel my leg, and then start laughing. It is rather cute to watch her play like this, and we are very happy at her new found sense of coordination, as, it appears, is she.

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