First phone call

Kylie has always been fascinated by our cell phones, and she plays with them when ever she can get her hands on them. She has recently discovered how to open them, as mine and Tiffany’s are both clam shell styled phones, and today, in a round about way, she learned how to make a phone call. Tiffany was changing Kylie and Kylie was playing with her phone, when all of a sudden her phone rang. She answered it (and it was set to speaker phone) and it was my Mom (Nana), who proceeded to ask Tiffany if she had just called because her phone rang and the called id said it was Tiffany, but when she had answered it there was no one there to talk to. So my Mom had called back to make sure that nothing was wrong and to say hello as well. As it turns out, and Tiffany explained to Mom, Kylie must have managed to press the speed dial button on the phone that is designated for Mom and hit the send button, thus placing a call (her first phone call ever) to her Nana, and at that time the speaker phone must not have been on. During this explanation while the speaker phone was on, Kylie was happily chattering away with her Nana and even saying “Nana”. I am sure this was not an intentional phone call, but it is her first phone call none the less, and to her Nana.

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