Melissa and Jason’s wedding yesterday was beautiful! The weather held out and it was a nice calm day for their outdoor wedding. Melissa looked absolutely beautiful and so did all of her brides maids, especially Tiffany and Theresa! I had a blast taking pictures with my new camera (I was even offered an apprenticeship by the professional photographer, who interestingly enough admitted that I had a better camera than he did), and dancing with all the ladies. When all was said and done I took almost 400 pictures, now I need to find the time to get them off the camera, labeled, and onto a CD for them. I have at least a week to get this done though. I have not decided if I am going to place all of those pictures up on the site yet or not, I will see how I feel when I get them all off and taken care of.

When all was said and done, the camera performed even better than I could have hoped. I am giving serious consideration to taking the photographer up on his offer. Though I would have to spend some money on a few things, it may well be worth the investment in the long run. It was a lot of fun and could always be a potential fall back career along with a potentially lucrative side business. Perhaps I can get some more information from Tim, considering he is a professional photographer too, I am sure he would be able to give me some insight.

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