9 months old

Kylie is 9 months old today and is still a very happy baby. Her ear infection does not seem to be bothering her as much now that she has been on the medication for a few days and she has been sleeping better as well. I think one cold that led to an ear infection in 9 months is pretty good.

Well this past month has been pretty interesting. We got to go visit Uncle Chris, Aunt Tracey and Cousin Delaney at their place, and Kylie absolutely loved her little cousin. I am hoping that they grow up to be very good friends, we just need to wait for the weather to break and then try to get together for as many play dates as possible.

This month has also found Kylie with her first toy obsession, so to speak. She has a certain toy, which we refer to as “Bug”, that she has decided to take everywhere with her. She will carry it around with her all day, bring it to bed with her, and has even had it in the bath a time or two. It has gotten to the point that we now use an extra pacifier clip to attach it to her when she is in her car seat in the car or riding in her stroller, so she can take it with her places without to much fear of losing it (the fear being mine and Tiffany’s, not Kylie’s).

Kylie also got the opportunity to try some honeydew melon this month, which she seemed to enjoy. We are looking forward to possibly introducing more food, but we will ask the doctor first at her appointment tomorrow.

I do not have the pictures ready yet for this month, I know I was doing so good too, but I will get them up as soon as I can. I am hoping to have them up by the weekend, as I am sure I won’t have a chance before then. Sorry Mom. 🙁

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