A doctor’s visit

Last Tuesday (Nov. 29th) Kylie had an impromptu doctor’s appointment. This was due to her right eye. For the last few weeks her eye has been producing a lot of mucus, you now the stuff that we all find crusted in our eye when we wake up in the morning. Well the doctor had given us some drops to place in her eye and we had been doing that, however, it does not seem to be helping it as much as it should. So Tiffany took her back to the doctor to have it look at again, because around the outside of Kylie’s eye is all red due to the mucus and the constant wiping (as can be seen in some of her pictures). The doctor gave us another prescription for more of the drops but told us that we will have to make an appointment to take Kylie to a pediatric ophthalmologist (eye doctor) because it seems like she has a blocked tear duct. This is evidently something that happens very rarely, because the doctor told Tiffany that in 25 years of performing pediatric medicine she has only had 3 cases of it, but that it is not something serious or anything major to worry about. So now we get to take Kylie to the pediatric ophthalmologist on December 27 for an exam and to see what they say. In other news Kylie is doing very well and is quite healthy. She now measures 27 inches long and weighs in at 17.03 pounds and her head is no 17 inches in circumference.

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