360 degree roll

Well it finally happened; a mile stone has been reached. Today at about 10:30pm Kylie finally rolled from her back to her stomach…and then back to her back. This is totally awesome! My personal hope is now that she can achieve this on her own, she will not fuss so much when she gets “stuck” on her stomach. I am sure this will not happen for a while though, not until she completely masters this new ability anyway. Of course then I will have to watch out for her rolling around the place.

Next comes the crawling. This is something she has kind of been working on as well. When she gets “stuck” on her stomach we have a tendency to leave her their for a few minutes, mainly to give her time to build her neck muscles by holding her head up to look around. However, we have noticed that if she is really impatient she tends to bring her legs up under herself and then kick her legs back out in a crawling motion. The end result of this is that she pushes herself slightly forward, but not quit crawling. So I am sure that will follow soon.

On a side note the symptoms of teething continue to plague us on a daily basis. Kylie continues to become fussy for no reason and the only way to remotely calm her is to give her a chilled teething ring or to place a small amount of Baby Orajel on her gums. In addition to this she is drooling like it is her job. She will soak an entire bib in 10 minutes, and forget about the top half of a shirt, that doesn’t stand a chance.

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