A site update…wow

Upgraded to the new version of WordPress, to adress the issues in In addition I have also implemented a neat little plugin called “relative time.” As my reader may now notice not only is the time of the post shown, it also states just how long ago that was. The pluginis actually designed to just show the relative time, as in “Posted 1 hour ago” and such, but I liked the combination better. Any post over a month old will only give the date of the actual post. Not much else going on as far as site news goes, at least not for the blog. There are some other things going on, although slowly, with the non-blog site. My hope is still to eventually phase it out and only have the blog up. I just need to figure out how to incorporate certain aspects of the other site (ie – music) into the blog area. When that is acomplished it will be posted.

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