MX 518 Gaming Mouse

Earlier on this month Logitech released this sweet new gaming mouse, with features such as:

    • “On-the-fly” sensitivity adjustment to 1,600, 800, and 400-dpi resolution
    • 5.8 mega pixel/second image processing
    • Expanded 16-bit data format supports blazing fast moves with pure precision
    • Advanced gaming software, exclusive to Gaming-Grade™ mice, for up to five custom sensitivity settings
    • Super-slick gaming feet for effortless, precise tracking
    • Contoured grip ensures peak performance and comfort—even in the most intense gaming sessions

This mouse is for serious gamers! As Ian Johnson says in his review; this mouse “will give you a slight edge in games, especially when it comes to precise marksmanship.” In addition to the sweet features, the mouse also comes with a three-year warranty! The technical specs are also pretty sweet:

    • Image Processing: 5.8 mega pixels/second
    • Resolution: 1600-dpi native, adjustable to 400- and 800-dpi
    • Acceleration: 15 g
    • Throughput: 16 bit/axis USB data format, and 125/sec USB report rate

When all is said and done, if you are seriously into your games, and have $49.99 (U.S.) lying around, you will probably appreciate this mouse.

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