Lion + Tiger = Liger

Whats better than a Lion and a Tiger, a Liger! “Its pretty much my favorite animal,” and some zookeepers in Miami have managed to breed one. According to the article this thing is huge and they think its gonna get bigger. According to the article Hercules shows traits of both his parents;

Hercules sports his father’s mane and his mother’s stripes. He roars like a lion and swims like a tiger (lions loathe the water).
“He’s already bigger than his parents and he’s still growing,” Antle said. “I expect he’ll be 12-feet long and weigh 1,000 pounds when he’s fully grown.”

Although visiting the actual site for Parrot Jungle Island makes no mention that I could find of Hercules, I think it would be really cool if this story were true. Of course a quick google search for Liger does produce a number of hits, including a story from a Siberian Zoo.

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