Possible Employment Continued…

So after my 3 hour long interview this afternoon I came home to relax and unwined. I was informed that after my interview at approxamitly 2:30 the 3 people whom interviewed me would then get together with a member of human resources to have a “debreifing.” I figured that after they had this little meeting to discuss what they thought of me during their own hour long session that it would then be a few days before I heard anything. So imagine my surprise when at 2:43 my phone rings and on the other end is the head recruiting officer for the company. He informs me that he has just come from the debreifing and is sending me a link to take an online “personality profile exam” and that I should take it when I have approxamitly an hour and a half of uninterupted time to complete it, and then inform him when it was done. I can only assume that their desire for me to take this exam is an indication that they like how my interview went and this is their “next step” in the process. Well neadless to say I took the exam and approxamitly 2 hours later I phoned the recruiter to inform him I had finished. I now sit and wait patiently (as patiently as I can anyway) to hear back, although I really don’t expect to hear anything before Monday. *shrug*

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