Fine! She’s Growing Up.

I finally broke down today and succumbed to the realization that my Little Bit is growing up, both in terms of age and height, and finally purchased her a new bed. Up until now when she came to spend the night at Daddy’s she has been sleeping in her toddler bed, but recently it has been becoming very apparent that she has out grown this bed and needed a bigger one. We had looked at beds over the weekend via various websites and today after work I went over to Gardner White and picked out a bed for her from their Kenny Collection. Kylie had seen this one and liked it, so I choose the panel headboard with the storage foot board. Here are a few stock images of the bed.

In addition to the bed itself I also picked out a new mattress and, even though this bed frame does not need it, a bunky board as well. I decided on the bunky board because it will give a little more support to the mattress, and considering Kylie will be on this bed for a long time to come, I want her to be as comfortable as possible. The bed is going to be delivered and set up tomorrow, so the plan for tonight is to take apart her old toddler bed and rearrange her room to make space for the new larger bed.

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