Thoughts of my Father

In five years I do not think a day has gone by that I have not thought about my Father. I see him every time I look in the mirror, and hear his voice when I need advice. He is with me everyday, in my memories and in the love I share with my daughter. I learned how to be a man by watching him. I’m not going to say he was perfect, because he wasn’t, but he did try. I learned a lot from him, both things I wanted to emulate and things I learned that I did not. He taught me many things, both tangible things like shaving and non-tangible things like integrity. There were things, too, that I could not learn from him because by the time I was old enough to learn he was to sick to be able to teach me, like hunting. But we still spoke about those things, sometimes for hours on end, and threw those conversations he was still able to pass on his knowledge to me. My father never graduated high school, and yet he was one of the smartest people I’ll ever know. I remember seeing him read a lot, and watching a lot of TV shows that, at the time, I may have thought were boring, but now realize they were very educational. Then I realize that this is probably why I also enjoy watching, for instance, the History Channel so much. I’m not sure what has made me have this reminiscence today, but I feel close to him today and I am happy. I miss you Dad, and I love you.

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  • I know he is with you every day and he loves you still. No he wasn’t educated but he had a lot of common sense and that made him smart. I am glad he was able to leave you with good memories, he tried his very best with all of you.

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