Kylie’s Sick

Tiffany decided to take Kylie to the doctor today because she didn’t look right this morning and has had a fever off and on for a day now. When I met them up at the doctor’s office Kylie, as usual, appeared to be just fine. She was happy and playing and jumping around, but I knew she wasn’t feeling well by her eyes. When Kylie doesn’t feel well here eyes lose there shine and appear to get kind of dull and glazed. This is the main thing that made Tiffany think Kylie wasn’t well and needed to go to the doctor in the first place. Once Kylie was called in they checked her weight (42 pounds) and took her temperature (99.9) and then we waited for the nurse practitioner. When she came in and saw Kylie she asked us what was wrong and Tiffany said “I think Kylie has Strep.” The nurse was shocked and said “This Kylie? You think she has Strep?” After checking Kylie’s ears (which thankfully were clean) she checked Kylie’s throat and said that it was in fact very red, she told us she would need to take a throat swab but was considering having someone else come do it because Kylie was so sweet and happy that she didn’t want to b the one to upset her. We told her that she didn’t have to worry about it because Kylie would do the swab with out issue because she was good with all that type of stuff. So the nurse finally decided she would do it and when she was done Kylie said “That wasn’t bad at all” which made us all laugh. After a few minutes the nurse came back and said “I wouldn’t believe this if I didn’t see the test results myself, but Kylie has Strep.” Tiffany just smirked because she knew Kylie had it to begin with. We started her medication tonight and hopefully in a few days she will be feeling much better.

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