Plymouth Ice 2009

For the first time in four years I remembered about the Plymouth Ice Festival in time to attend! Melissa and I went out to the festival earlier today and got to see the sculptures, some of which were still being carved. This was the first time Melissa had ever been to an Ice Carving show, and she says she liked it vey much, although it was very cold out. For me, I think I was expecting a little more. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun and nice, but I think four years ago some of the sculptures were better.  In addition I think it was easier to see the detail in some of the sculptures four years ago due to the falling snow and the way the lights hit them at night. I will get the pictures I took up in the gallery later, as soon as I get the Plymouth Ice album re-organized and the pictures prepared. I hope I remember and have the time to go to the festival again next year.

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