National Debt

As we approach the end of Bush error and prepare to enter a time of change, I found myself contemplating the vast waste of money that the Bush administration has caused. According to this graph Debt Historywhich I found at the U.S. National Debt Clock web site, over the last 8 years that the Bush administration has been in office the National Debt has risen by over 50%.

In September 2008, the digital dollar sign was eliminated to make way for an extra digit—the “1” in $10 trillion (the national debt is currently $10.2 trillion). Now, a new clock is in the works that will make room for a quadrillion dollars of debt, according to the Associated Press. Anticipated completion is early 2009.  <U.S. News><Wall Street Journal>

I think, that not only is it obvious, but it is also necessary that this great nation has a change, not just of leadership (though that is extremely needed) but also of focus. I truly hope that Obama brings forth all the change he promised and implied, because we need it now more than ever.

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