Bike Rides and Petting Farms

Kylie went for her first bike ride on the back of Tiffany’s bike today, and from what Tiffany says it sounds like she really enjoyed it. At first, after Tiffany got Kylie’s seat on the bike and her in it, they rode around block and came back to the house so Tiffany could adjust her seat, when she got up Kylie pointed to the seat and said “sit.” Which Tiffany thought was really funny and, in addition to Kylie’s very large grin and massive amounts of laughter, a good sign that she was enjoying the bike ride. When they were finally done and Tiffany put the bike away, Kylie walked into the house with her hands behind her back looking down with a pout and quietly saying “more.”

After their bike ride they went to the Heritage Park petting farm in Taylor. Kylie seemed to enjoy the petting zoo as long as the animals did not come to close, then she backed away and seemed a little apprehensive. Tiffany said it was a fun experience and I am hoping that the next time I will be able to join them. I am also hoping to take her to the zoo this summer as well, so she can see all the animals. I will be sure to bring my camera when we go do these things so I can take a bunch of pictures!

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