Singing and other things

Tiffany informed me that today, while her and Kylie were in the car, Kylie was singing the octaves. Tiffany would do it first and then Kylie would repeat it. Tiffany said it was really cute and Kylie continued to do it long after Tiffany had stopped. Not saying this means she will continue on to be a singer or anything, but she does also like to dance, so who knows? Maybe she will pursue singing and dancing as she gets older, only time will tell.

When they got home, Tiffany said Kylie took her coat off and placed it in the hall closet all by herself. She did not, obviously, hang it up, but she did know that it went in the closet and placed it there. She understands that things have a place and that there should be organization. Hopefully she will be organized like her Daddy.

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