An impromptu doctor’s visit

Yesterday when Kylie woke up her right eye had a lot of greenish mucus in it, to the point where we had to take a washcloth and wipe it away, in addition to that her eye was slightly red and a little puffy. Considering this is not at all normal and she has previously had an issue with this same eye, Tiffany decided to call Kylie’s doctor. They said that considering the mucus was not clear; that it was not a blocked tear duct again and that it could be one of two things; an eye infection, or strangely enough, an ear infection. As such this morning Tiffany took Kylie to see the doctor and as it turns out she has both and eye and ear infection. This could explain why she has been fussy when it has come time for her nap and for going to bed for the night, as ear infections tend to hurt more when you are laying down, other than that and prior to the eye mucus, Kylie had been her typical happy self. This now makes the second ear infection that Kylie has had; I am hoping that this will not be a trend like I had when I was younger. Though I do not want her to grow up to quickly, I am, however, looking forward to when Kylie is able to more fully talk and express when and where she is hurting so we may be able to more quickly sooth her discomfort.

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